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Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 19:30
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+356 2134 0732


M Vintage

Mvintage presents meaningful jewellery made for layering and self-expression. We promote individuality, perseverance and female empowerment.As a Maltese designer jewellery brand, Mvintage owes its success to its unique outlook on jewellery, and the special women behind it – founder and designer Krystle Penza has long been fascinated by the emotional impact a simple piece of jewellery can hold. Her own journey through life has served as inspiration for her designs, encouraging other women to celebrate their own strengths and weakness as authentic and real.Each design caters for every day wearability, and is carefully infused with the values we hold close to our hearts – individuality, perseverance, and female empowerment. Our delicate and distinctive pieces combine stainless steel with semi-precious stones, hand-crafted faceted glass, enamel and zirconia stone. Positive self-expression is embraced through playful elements of layering, mixing and matching, in a way to reflect the many surfaces manifested in each extraordinary woman.We uphold this concept through our careful design process, where every piece is treated as part of an ongoing narrative; destined to be treasured and held close to your heart. We encourage each incredible woman to be playful and create their own personalised combinations.