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Costa Coffee was founded by two Italian brothers, Sergio and Bruno Costa in London 1971. Their small family business was bought by Whitbread PLC, the UK’s largest hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator, in 1995 and has since become the UK’s most successful and fastest-growing coffee business. It is also rapidly establishing itself as a leading global brand as it continues to grow internationally always keeping true to its Italian heritage. The company has built its reputation on the excellence of its coffee and the quality of the food and service it provides.

Costa Coffee were the first coffee shop chain to control the whole coffee making process from start to finish. The company sources, stores, blends, roasts, grinds and pours all its own coffee having nobody else involved. Just 1% of the world’s production of coffee is good enough for Costa to choose from. Only the very best coffee available can go into creating the unique taste and aroma of the Mocha Italia blend.With over 40 years in the business, Costa have discovered the finest beans, equipment and techniques to ensure every cup of coffee makes the grade. All coffee beans sourced are sustainably grown from Rainforest Alliance (RFA) Certified farms. The RFA encourages farmers to grow crops and manage ranchlands in a way that looks after the land for the long-term. It also offers social, economic and environmental benefit to farmers, such as access to schools and healthcare.