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Bershka  is characterised by adventurous young people, who are aware of the latest trends and are interested in music, social networks and new technologies.

Bershka shops are distinguished throughout the world by their strategic location and well-detailed architecture. The establishments are converted into spacious trend-setting showcases with a carefully thought through image extending from the windows to the arrangement of the goods inside. The shops have separate spaces intended for the various different product lines that Bershka offers. In each section, Bershka, BSK & Man, the products are placed according to their style, creating a wide spectrum ranging from casual wear to sports and from basic garments to more fashionable items.The area dedicated to women’s wear is the most important. This section has two product lines: Bershka and BSK. The first focuses on the latest fashion and includes the leading trends. It has a wide range of jeans wear, eveningwear, casual wear and latest fashion-wear. BSK is the brand for younger people, and always caters to the interests and needs of this public by basing its collection on their taste in music, their idols, rock stars and so on. The men’s section offers much more than fashionable jeans wear for young people. This product line offers casual, sports and fashion wear as well. In addition, apart from the wide range of clothing, Bershka also offers a wide range of accessories and footwear.