Open an Advantage Card with The Point & receive 5 points for every Euro you spend with your Visa.

Earn points when you shop at any of our outlets at The Point, every time you use your Visa.

For every 5,000 points you earn, we’ll give you a variety of rewards to choose from, including discount coupons to selected outlets & restaurants, birthday surprises, invitations to private sales, VIP shopping, discount parking, gift coupons, and so much more.


By applying for The Point Advantage Card, you agree and consent to the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract. These terms and conditions govern the collection and use of the Advantage Card points.

The “Advantage Card” can only be obtained by becoming a member at The Point at the Visa Europe Services LLC stand on level -1.

To activate your membership all you have to do is use any Visa card (Debit, Credit or Pre-paid) at any of The Point outlets and take your purchase receipt to the Visa Europe Services LLC stand on level -1. Simply fill out and sign a membership form and you will receive the Advantage Card. The “Advantage Card” will entitle you to participate in the “Advantage Card” Rewards Programme described and regulated by these terms and conditions.

A list of stores/brands participating in the Advantage Card Rewards Programme can be found at or on the booklet handed to you when you register for your membership.

Membership is open to individuals who shop at The Point using their Visa (Debit, Credit or Pre-paid) to purchase items and are over the age of 16.

Members may earn or redeem Advantage Card points as follows:

  • Points may be earned on purchases made at any of the outlets at The Point Shopping Mall whenever you use your Visa (Debit, Credit or Pre-paid) to make a purchase. Members will earn 5 Advantage Card points for every €1 (One Euro) spent.
  • Points can only be earned through purchases made with a Visa (Debit, Credit or Pre-paid) at The Point Shopping Mall.
  • Points can only be redeemed on purchases made at The Point Shopping Mall. Rewards can only be redeemed once you have accumulated a balance of 5,000 points.

When you sign up to become a member of the “Advantage Card” you will receive “Advantage Card” updates via email. This will be sent out at the end of every month and when offers are updated and other new and relevant information is available. You are free to opt out of receiving these updates at the Visa Europe Services LLC stand, or by following the simple instructions given in each email update.

The “Advantage Card” is free to join and the card has no monetary value, simply use your Visa (Debit, Credit or Pre-paid) to accumulate reward points.

The “Advantage Card” is usable at all retail outlets at The Point and does not require a minimum purchase to participate.

To accumulate reward points on your “Advantage Card” you need to present proof of purchase at the Visa Europe Services LLC stand on level -1. Proof of purchase is made by means of a Point of Sale receipt that indicates that the purchase was made with a Visa card. A Point of Sale receipt may only be used once for this purpose, and may be stamped to indicate that it has been utilised.

The offers are subject to change at any time. The updated offers will be emailed to each member upon the change. Changes to the offers will also be available from The Point website on

All offer/discount/promotion(s) are only valid on full price items and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount/promotion(s), unless stated otherwise by the retailer.

The “Advantage Card” is not a credit or debit card and cannot be used as such.

The Point and associated retailers reserve the right to terminate offers or the “Advantage Card” at any point throughout the duration of the Rewards Programme.

All data collected from the “Advantage Card” members will be stored securely and will be used by The Point Shopping Centre from time to time in relation to marketing including the “Advantage Card”.

Points will expire on the later of (i) on 30th April of every calendar year following the date of your membership and (ii) 12 months from the termination of the membership or of this Agreement. Expired points cannot be redeemed.

Offers are subject to availability and are correct at time of going to print.

Whilst every reasonable endeavor will be made by Tigne Mall PLC to ensure that offers shall be made available by the participating establishments, Tigne Mall PLC shall not be liable in anyway and no Member shall have any claims whatsoever against Tigne Mall PLC if the Advantage Card is not accepted or is dishonored by any Establishment participating in the Advantage Card Rewards Programme.

In the event that the functions of the Advantage Card are expanded to include additional services for which additional subscription fees or charges are to be payable, the Member shall be liable for any such fees and charges that may be applicable prior to the consumption of such services and shall be responsible for ensuring payment of such fees or charges, and Tigne Mall PLC shall not be liable for all charges of whatsoever nature in connection with or pursuant to the use of such services.

Tigne Mall PLC shall have the right to amend, modify or supplement the terms and conditions herein, including those relating to the withdrawal or addition of offers, as it deems fit from time to time. Any such amendment, modification or supplement shall be effective upon giving notice to the Member.

Tigne Mall PLC may at any time and at its absolute discretion terminate this agreement and/or cancel and/or terminate the Member’s use of the Advantage Card without assigning any reason for same.Any such termination or cancellation shall be effective upon giving notice to the Member.

The Member shall notify Tigne Mall PLC in writing of any change of personal particulars at the first reasonable opportunity after such change.

Any notice that is required to be sent by Tigne Mall PLC to the Member shall be by email to the last email address given by the Member. No other notice will be sent. Notice will be effective upon sending. Tigne Mall PLC shall not be required to verify receipt by the Member. It is the responsibility of the Member to check for receipt of such emails and, for example, to check his/her junk mail folder.

If any one or more of the provisions of this agreement or any part thereof shall be declared or adjudged to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law, such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability shall not violate any other provisions of this agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect.

This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the Laws of Malta.

By accepting the Advantage Card, you irrevocably acknowledge & consent to these terms and conditions.

For any enquires or in case you lose or damage your Advantage Card, please email us on